Unlock the Benefits of a Card Machine to Maximise Your Payments

Businesses are quickly realising the advantages of incorporating a card machine into their day-to-day operations. Not only does a card machine provide added convenience to customers, but it also helps businesses streamline their transactions and maintain a secure, reliable payment system. By investing in a card machine, businesses can take advantage of the following key benefits: 

Increase Cash Flow 

With the ability to accept various types of card payments, businesses can expand their customer base and drive additional revenue. Furthermore, having a card machine enables businesses to process payments quickly, improving the cash flow of their organisation.

Research shows that in 2017, 85% of customer payments were spontaneous, so providing a card payment option can mean an increase in sales for your business. 

Reduce Processing Fees 

By accepting card payments, businesses can reduce their overall processing fees and lower costs. Additionally, some card machines are able to store and process data, meaning there are no third-party fees associated with a transaction. 

Improve Efficiency 

Utilising a card machine increases efficiency by enabling customers to quickly and easily pay for products or services. In turn, this will help businesses to complete sales transactions faster and reduce wait times for customers. 

Heightened Security 

When making a card payment, customers and businesses benefit from a higher level of security and protection. By relying on card machine technology, businesses can reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, protecting both parties in the transaction. 

For businesses, the advantages of incorporating a card machine into their operations are numerous. By utilising the latest technology, businesses can ensure transactions are secure, increase cash flow, and save time and money. As card machines become increasingly common in retail settings, it is wise for businesses to invest in one of these systems to gain an edge on their competition. 

Our Recommendation 

At CCR Systems, we recommend the Card Payment Solutions offered by Dojo. Their Dojo Go Card Machine combines sleek design and powerful technology – ready to be used at the till, the table or on the move. Plus, you can get your money in your bank account the very next day as standard, even on weekends and bank holidays.

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