Success Story – The Tavern

Success Story - The Tavern, Liverpool

American-Style Service at the Tavern

Upon entering the Tavern on Penny Lane Junction in Liverpool, guests are greeted by rich wooden textures, romantic candlelight and a war, replaced atmosphere. Every customer is welcomed at the door by friendly service staff, who introduce themselves by name and insist that nothing is too much trouble.

As a US citizen, the owner Keith Gurney has adopted the American style of service at his restaurant. Staff at The Tavern is well equipped to provide guest with an outstanding service experience. Seven Orderman 7 handhelds allow for a fast and reliable placement of orders, as well as accurate billing and an efficient workflow.

The Tavern

 “The use of stable Orderman Secure Radio instead of Wi-Fi and the unrivalled build quality were the main reasons for choosing Orderman hardware”, says Keith Gurney.

“The Secure Radio is a closed system, which we have found to be much more reliable than any Wi-Fi based products we have tied. We tested the handhelds on site and found that they have s 200-meter range. When we dropped them down several flights of stairs, they were still in perfect working condition”. He goes on.

Previously, The Tavern had used solutions based on Android tablets. The hardware was damaged regularly despite the use of protective cases, leaving the owner with replacement costs that were spinning out of control. “The Orderman handhelds allow a level of confidence that hardware will be up and running every day, without need for backups of replacements” Mr. Gurney told us.

The Tavern Company was established in 1990 and has grown to become on e of Liverpool’s largest family-owned independent restaurants. During the day, customers will find the Nations’ best breakfast menu, with no less than thirty-two different options and free flowing refills of tea and coffee. At night, the Tavern becomes a hotspot for romantics. The cosy, warm, candle lit booths with rich wooden textures make it the perfect place for an intimate meal with your partner, family, or friends. Only the finest and freshest ingredients are used, and everything is served in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Over the years, the restaurant has grown to seat three hundred guest at 80 tables, spread over tow floors. There is no sign of slowing down at the Tavern, with weekend waits for tables up to two hours.

The Orderman hardware has allowed the restaurant to increase productivity though economy of motion. Servers can now take orders over multiple tables without returning to a service station to key in information at the till. The solid RF connection as saved countless hours on training management to troubleshoot on repairing and dealing with wireless router issues and Wi-Fi boosters. The number of server errors or mistaken orders has also reduced since the implementation of the Orderman System.

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