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CCR Systems is an Authorised Partner of ICRTouch

From on-till EPOS software and intuitive At Table ordering or Order to Table, to Cloud Based Business Management and additional services such as Self Service and Stock Control, all solutions are designed to save you time and money.

EPOS Ecosystem

Boost your operations, increase profits, and unlock your business’s full potential with ICRTouch’s versatile solutions. Our tools help you build customer loyalty, exceed expectations, and diversify your revenue streams.

No matter what kind of business you run, CCR Systems has got you covered. Are you a restaurant owner who puts customer experience first? Or perhaps you’re an accommodation start-up in search of your very first EPOS system? Maybe you’re a busy takeaway looking to seamlessly integrate platforms like Deliveroo and Just Eat, or a convenience store needing a quick and efficient way to manage stock. Whatever your needs, our scalable suite of software products can be customised to create a secure, efficient ecosystem tailored just for you.

Our offerings are designed with your convenience in mind. From our reliable on-till TouchPoint software and intuitive at-table ordering with PocketTouch or ByTable, to our cloud-based business management via TouchOffice Web and additional services like SelfService and TouchStock, every solution is crafted to save you time and money, allowing you to focus on what really matters—growing your business and delighting your customers.

Touchscreen EPOS

TouchPoint, our flagship EPOS software, offers a seamless solution with a robust, reliable and intuitive interface. Designed with robustness and reliability at its core.

Cloud Back Office

Gain real-time business insights with TouchOffice Web, a powerful cloud-based tool for intelligent reporting and decision-making.

Tablet Ordering

Elevate your customer experience with PocketTouch, our intuitive hand-held EPOS software for paperless food and drink orders, sent direct to the kitchen.

Order to Table

Enable direct orders to table or seat via a bespoke web or app-based menu, all from their own mobile devices. Pay 0% commission on transactions.

Kitchen Management

Enhance the food order processing with TouchKitchen's interactive display for organising, tracking and completing food order tickets.

Self Service

Self Service offers an interactive experience allowing customers to browse menus, place orders and complete payments independently.

Table Reservations

Automate bookings 24/7 with TouchReservation, freeing staff and automating allocations and confirmations, even when closed.


Simplify ticket sales with a Ticketing solution offering multi-channel sales, unlimited ticket types, intelligent reporting and customisation.

Digital Menu

Save time and money with digital menus that highlight promotions, automate stock messaging and boost sales.

Digital Signage

Boost engagement with promotions, wait times, and live stock info using Digital Signage to save time and money.

Customer Loyalty

Boost repeat purchases with flexible loyalty schemes. Track spending, offer discounts and increase profit margins.

Takeaway Ordering

Boost revenue with webshop ordering for delivery or click and collect using our 0% commission EPOS integration.

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