Card Machines

Looking to revolutionise your customer experience with fast and secure payments? As experts in the payments industry, we understand how critical it is to maintain steady cash flow while meeting customer expectations for convenient transactions. This is exactly what we deliver – reliable credit card processing services.

Dojo - Card Payment Terminal

CCR Systems have partnered with Dojo to offer seamless integrated payments. Combining the latest technology with award-winning customer support.

Faster transactions. Fewer mistakes. 
Integrated payments connect your card machine to your EPOS wirelessly, so you don’t have to enter the sale amount manually on your card machine. That means you’ll enjoy faster transactions, fewer mistakes and easier end-of-day reporting.

Dojo Pocket

Accept card payments by contactless card or with Apple pay, Google pay or Samsung pay, via a digital wallet with the Dojo Pocket handheld card machine. This portable device lets you offer different payment methods and easily switch between taking orders and payments. Built-in 4G, digital receipts & easily to switch between modes.

Available to CCR Systems’ customers from Q1 2024.

Card Payment Terminal

Dojo Go Payment Terminal

Go is a powerful next-gen card machine from Dojo. It’s as light as an iPad, has 3G and 4G mobile connectivity, and an impressive 10-hour battery life. It’s designed to move with your business. Not to mention the ability to take lightning-fast payments. With a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design and powerful technology, Dojo Go can be used at the till checkout, at the table, or on the go.

Dojo Go Stand

Stand for Dojo Go (Not Included)

  • Rotates 210° from customer to cashier
  • Anti-wobble plastic sleeve
  • Screw mounted
  • Protects internal cables

The stand holds the charging base and the Dojo Go machine.

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