Access Points, Broadband & Wi-Fi

If you’d like to speak to a connectivity specialist about Access Points, Broadband and Wi-Fi for your retail store or hospitality venue, please get in touch with our team today. CCR Systems been installing broadband infrastructure and systems in commercial businesses across the UK for over 20 years, and have the answers to any questions you may have.

Fast, cost effective network solutions

In the dynamic landscape of modern retail and hospitality venues, dependable Wi-Fi infrastructure has evolved into an essential cornerstone for brick-and-mortar establishments, ranging from quaint boutiques and luxurious hotels to expansive supermarkets and bustling shopping centres.

Nevertheless, there remains an untapped potential for those yet to embrace the manifold advantages bestowed by a meticulously crafted professional Wi-Fi service.

Smarter Business Connectivity

Easy Migration to Leased Line Broadband Services

We make it easy to migrate to enterprise-grade internet connectivity solutions.

Proactive Monitoring

A successful hospitality business depends on guest satisfaction. We can often respond to issues before the customer is even aware.

4G, LTE and 5G Internet Backup Connectivity

In a backup scenario, 4G/LTE or 5G can be a vital lifeline should the worst happen.

Benefits to Guest Networks

The advantages of guest Wi-Fi reach well beyond mere internet connectivity, playing a crucial role for any business aiming to enrich customer interactions, enhance loyalty and drive business growth. 

Guest Wi-Fi offers a multitude of business advantages, and CCR Systems equips businesses with the tools required to maximise this technology. Streamlined logins, adaptable landing pages, flexible data capture options, access controls, and security features all contribute to enhancing customer experiences, gaining your business valuable insights and driving growth. 

Few things can be as exasperating as grappling with an erratic Wi-Fi connection prone to prolonged interruptions. At the heart of our approach lies a comprehensive understanding of your network prerequisites. Through an initial survey, we delve into the intricacies of your requirements, enabling us to meticulously tailor a wireless solution that aligns with your distinct needs. Be it augmenting your day-to-day operations or seamlessly accommodating sizeable gatherings, our bespoke design erases any concerns about Wi-Fi reach or bandwidth. With us, you can bid adieu to connectivity woes and relish a consistently reliable experience that caters to your every demand.

With a wealth of experience behind us, CCR Systems has been providing unwavering support to a diverse array of enterprises, spanning the spectrum from small start-ups to medium-sized enterprises and large corporations, across multiple sectors. This extensive exposure has afforded us a profound comprehension of the nuanced connectivity demands that set each industry and sector apart.

It is this very understanding that fuels our commitment to crafting guest networks tailored precisely to suit the distinctive needs of your hospitality establishment. We take pride in engineering solutions that seamlessly integrate with the fabric of your business, ensuring a bespoke connectivity experience that resonates with your industry’s intricacies and augments your operational excellence.

Our assurance is dependable; your connectivity experience will not only meet, but transcend your anticipations, emerging as a seamless enhancement to your esteemed venue. In testament to this conviction, we retain the services of the very same senior engineers who intricately deploy your solution, ensuring their expertise remains at your disposal for ongoing support.

Unlike some companies, we avoid using pre-written questions and support centres that might make you feel frustrated. Instead, we focus on giving you individual attention. This saves your time and makes sure every interaction is helpful, quick and tailored to what you specifically need.

Access Points, Broadband & Wi-Fi​

We can support businesses of all sizes throughout the UK. No matter what sector or industry, we can advise you on the right connectivity solution for your business from healthcare and hotels to construction and everything in between. Our team of experts know what systems work.

We can help your business become faster, more effective, and ultimately more successful.

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