EPOS Systems for Hotels

Whether you operate a luxury 5-star hotel, a charming boutique B&B, or a recreational holiday park, our EPOS Systems are designed to assist you in seamlessly overseeing a guest’s entire stay, from their initial check-in to their final check-out, encompassing all their visits to the bar and restaurant in between.

Whether you're running a 5-star hotel, a boutique B&B, or a bustling holiday park, our EPOS System are your solution for guest management. It seamlessly handles every aspect of a guest's stay, from check-in to check-out, including all visits to your bar and restaurant. This versatile system streamlines guest services, ensuring their satisfaction regardless of your accommodation type.

Our EPOS Systems adapt to various accommodation providers, from luxurious hotels to cosy B&Bs and lively holiday parks. It offers a holistic approach to guest management, overseeing their entire stay, including visits to your in-house bar and restaurant. Enhancing guest interactions and experiences is easy with this versatile system.

TouchPoint assists you in running your business smoothly by managing order taking, food preparation, stock management, promotions, and providing excellent customer service.

TouchOffice Web

You can conveniently access TouchOffice Web using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to review stock orders, adjust prices, or generate reports for your accounts, even when you're away from your usual location.


Allows hotel guests to record their bar and restaurant purchases in your hotel's existing system, ensuring that they can settle these expenses when checking out at the end of their stay.

Featured EPOS System - EPOS PRO

The EPOS Pro is the perfect solution for any harsh retail or hospitality environment.
Thanks to it’s IP65 Ingress Protection, it can withstand solid intrusions, such as dust and liquids.

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