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Our Access Control Systems combine secure encryption and strong authentication to bring you the latest in cutting-edge access control technology.

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We can provide, install and maintain market-leading, high-quality access control
and door entry systems to suit your needs, whether in a building, across an entire site or just for controlled zones, our systems are dependable, innovative, and secure.

Efficient access control systems provide peace of mind for your business.

Paxton Door Entry

Featured Access Control - Entry Touch panel

Entry is a door entry system that works standalone or alongside Paxton’s Net2 access control or Paxton10, access control and video management, combining door entry with key features of our access control software. The Entry touch panel is a premium external panel for use with Paxton’s door entry system, Entry. 

Comprising a quality 7-inch colour touch screen with personalisation options, the touch panel has a line-out for use with T-Loop antenna for users with hearing aids and advanced sound processing, for high traffic areas making it suitable for even more sites than ever before.

When used with the Entry Premium monitor the touch panel supports two-way video calling and the facility to leave video voicemails.

All Entry panels are IPX5 rated, making them suitable for external use in all weather conditions.

Access Control

Access control provides a secure, convenient, and adaptable method for regulating entry to your premises and specifying the permitted times of access.

Wireless Handles

Wireless door handles have security features embedded within them and can be installed either individually or as part of a broader solution, providing enhanced flexibility.

Door Entry

Door entry systems consist of three basic elements: an external panel, a door control unit and an internal monitor. Utilising door entry systems enhance access control systems.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems not only enhance site security, but they also instil a heightened sense of confidence and reassurance in the protection of your premises.

Access control SYSTEMS

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