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We specialise in Retail and Hospitality EPOS systems technology that is completely reliable and failure-free. Our EPOS systems can save your time and money by providing better sales management, stock control and cash management

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A faster, more reliable service

CCR has been supplying, installing, and maintaining Retail and Hospitality EPOS systems for over 40 years. We have hundreds of customers across the UK. Our EPOS systems are a must-have back-office software package controlling the system from anywhere in the world. 

Our hardware is a choice of top-of-the-range touch screen terminals from selected quality manufacturers and is, without a doubt, the best of its kind in the world. 

With radio communications technology that is completely reliable and failure-free. We offer feature-perfect EPOS solutions that ensure our clients manage their business in the most effective way possible, driving sales and excellent service.

Smarter EPOS Systems

Comprehensive Sales Reports & Insights

Use insights and reports to reduce costs, save time and boost your profits.

Manage Your System Anywhere You Want

Access your EPOS System in real-time, from any device, from any location.

Reach Customers Wherever They Are

Get more sales with remote ordering, collection, website integration and delivery.

EPOS System
Support Packages

With more than 40 years in the business, our support team are highly experienced and therefore are able to understand the challenges you’re facing and provide a solution within a short time frame, helping you to minimise downtime.

Industry Specific Solutions

Our EPOS Systems offers a user-friendly solution for restaurants, featuring a versatile graphical table plan that can accommodate multiple levels, perfect for venues with separate floors or areas.

Our comprehensive EPOS packages include state-of-the-art EPOS systems, interactive self-service stations, dynamic digital signage, efficient delivery driver management, and seamless online ordering capabilities.

Whether you operate a luxury 5-star hotel, a charming boutique B&B, or a recreational holiday park, our EPOS Systems are designed to assist you in seamlessly overseeing a guest’s entire stay, from check-in to check-out.

Integrate an EPOS System into your cafeteria, and you’ll have a solution that is relied upon worldwide by the education sector to ensure timely lunch services. Oversee your catering budget, administer accounts and monitor your inventory.

Selecting the appropriate EPOS system is crucial for your business to efficiently manage sales tracking, oversee inventory, and optimise operational processes. It’s always important to evaluate different EPOS systems and compare them to your specific business needs before making a decision. When selecting an EPOS system, you should also consider factors like cost, security and hardware compatibility.

Featured EPOS System - Audrey

Choose three different display sizes, starting from 15 inches with a classical 4:3 format to 15.6 inches and 21.5 inches in widescreen. Available in a elegant silver and rose gold, as well as sleek silver and black finish, Audrey isn’t just a tool – it’s a statement.

NCR Orderman Systems & Peripherals

NCR Orderman7 Handheld


In the hospitality business, ordering through an Orderman handheld device helps to save time, cut expenses, and increase productivity. This is indisputable. Orderman is also well renowned for helping to increase sales by up to 25%.

With the Orderman7, a portable device from the 7th series of Orderman handheld devices, radio ordering is now quicker, more dependable, and simpler than ever before.

The Orderman7’s unmatched excellence is due to these factors: This handheld gadget was specifically created to address the difficulties of the hospitality sector and is supported by 25 years of experience and a high degree of competence.


Whether you operate a restaurant, café, bar or ice cream parlour, your guests expect fast, friendly and reliable service from the Orderman9. With the Orderman9, you hold the future of the restaurant industry in your hands.

As the market leader in mobile ordering devices, NCR have focused on customer proximity, efficient processes, and flexibility to ensure that their newest handheld meets the demands of modern service requirements.

Your employees will be delighted.

NCR CX7 EPOS Terminal


The CX7 mixes in perfectly with any restaurant setting, but beneath its unassuming good looks is a strong machine ready to act quickly and keep your company operating efficiently at all times.

Users will value the CX7’s blazingly fast speed and smooth, consistent “feel,” not to mention the display’s razor-sharp anti-glare quality that makes it simple to read even in areas with strong lighting.

This elegant appearance is combined with best-in-class performance in the CX7. NCR’s top-of-the-line solution with great style, capacity, and power is the CX7 POS terminal thanks to its exceptional versatility, robustness, and unmatched data security.

Oxhoo EPOS Systems & Peripherals


The Dandy DT395’s timeless design reinvents the EPOS with its sleek and modern design. Its new, thinner base hides all peripheral connectors, resulting in a clean, sleek, and minimalist design.

The Dandy’s ergonomic and aluminium construction makes it a tough yet stylish solution for all types of retail businesses. This robust and creative design is fully compatible with cash drawers and receipt printers and is available in white or black to match the retailer’s style.

OXHOO ONIX 500 EPOS Terminal

ONIX 200

An ultra-thin design, a 15.1” multi-touch capacitive touch screen makes the ONIX 200 a powerful and complete terminal. Thanks to its standing or pole configuration, the ONIX 200 adapts to all environments. Thanks to SSD technology, the system boots faster, launches apps faster, and has higher overall performance.

The fanless design helps efficiency, providing a noise-free design that is highly reliable, with benefits that make this a sensible, cost-effective and long-term investment for your operations.


Discover the terminal that has it all: the JOON! This sleek and stylish piece of tech comes in black or white and packs plenty of features to make it super versatile. You can pair it up with a customer display, scanner, and even contactless payment capabilities. What’s more, you get all this at a reasonable price tag. Check out the JOON now and see why this machine is one of our favourites!

OXHOO TR410 16" Black Cash Drawer

TR410 16" Black Cash Drawer

The TR410 Cash Drawer from Oxhoo is an all steel drawer with two cheque slots on the front, 4 bank note compartments and 8 removable coin compartments.
OXHOO TP85 Tri Interface Thermal Printer

TP85 Tri Interface Thermal Printer

The TP85 printer is of a contemporary, sleek and modern design. Available in both black or white, a seamless integration into all confined environments. Comes as standard with triple interface – USB, RS232 and Ethernet. Available in Bluetooth version

OXHOO Customer Facing 10" LCD Screen - Non Touch

Customer Facing 10" LCD Screen - Non Touch

The Customer Facing Display is perfect for noisy environments (like bars and nightclubs) where customers can’t easily hear staff. It also gives a greater level of transparency to customers, as the transaction can be displayed as it is processed.

VMAX EPOS Systems & Peripherals


With its durable construction, 15 inch LCD display and J1900 processor, this all-in-one EPOS system has been designed to revolutionise the way you run your business. From speedy transactions and hassle-free order processing, to inventory control and modern branding, the VT1500 offers a wealth of features that no business should be without.

No longer do you have to worry about outdated machines and tedious data entry; with the VT1500, your business can move with the times. Start using the VT1500 and transform your business today!

DataVan EPOS Systems & Peripherals


Step into any restaurant or retail store, and you’re likely to see the likes of the impressive Wonder EPOS Terminal. This beast of a machine was built to thrive in even the harshest environments, and it does so without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

At its core, the Wonder boasts a 15-inch screen that dazzles customers and staff alike with its crystal-clear resolution. The screen itself is rock solid, so it can take a bump or scrape without missing a beat. Plus, with its bezel-free design, the Wonder is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

One of the most impressive features of this EPOS terminal, however, is its water and dustproof casing. With an IP65 rating, the Wonder can handle all kinds of spills, splashes and dusty conditions. It’s the kind of machine you can rely on to stay operational no matter what kind of chaos is happening around it.

Dojo - Card Payment Terminals

CCR Systems have partnered with Dojo to offer seamless integrated payments. Combining the latest technology with award-winning customer support.

Faster transactions. Fewer mistakes. 
Integrated payments connect your card machine to your EPOS wirelessly, so you don’t have to enter the sale amount manually on your card machine. That means you’ll enjoy faster transactions, fewer mistakes and easier end-of-day reporting.

Dojo Pocket

Accept card payments by contactless card or with Apple pay, Google pay or Samsung pay, via a digital wallet with the Dojo Pocket handheld card machine. This portable device lets you offer different payment methods and easily switch between taking orders and payments. Built-in 4G, digital receipts & easily to switch between modes.

Electronic Cash Registers

No Name 5

The No Name 5 is a budget-friendly electronic cash register with full-size lockable metal cash drawer, easy programming and fast printing thanks to its thermal printer.


The ER-180-U is a great value electronic cash register with full-size lockable metal cash drawer, large LED displays, fast thermal printer and easy operation.


Ideal for the hospitality industry, the SPS-320 offers fantastic value for money. It has 150 programmable keys, large LCD screens and fast thermal printer.


The NR-510 offers tremendous lifetime value for hospitality venues. It features 2 multi-line LCD displays, 2 keyboard layouts and loads of peripheral options.

Self-Service Kiosks


The Alfred can be installed in either vertical or horizontal mode, using a countertop or floor stand, to suit your specific needs and spatial constraints. These self-service kiosks are designed for durability and come with processor and peripheral options.


The Stan is an all-inclusive kiosk solution, which provides various choices concerning the Intel platform, display size and mounting options. It is available with either a 27-inch or 32-inch Full HD touch display.



The Themis is an excellent choices for enhancing customer service by facilitating information gathering and self-service. Users can conveniently verify product prices, explore different product variations or get any other needed information.


Till, Chip & Pin and Kitchen Printer Rolls

CCR Systems can supply a range of till rolls and EPOS rolls for most machines. From thermal rolls, single, double and triple ply as well as action impact and dry cleaning rolls. We can supply a comprehensive range of paper rolls for credit card machines including the latest Chip & Pin terminals. What’s more, we can provide a full range of kitchen printer rolls, including thermal kitchen printer rolls, single ply kitchen printer rolls and 2 ply kitchen printer rolls.

Magnetic Swipe Cards

Magnetic Swipe Cards

Add an extra layer of security to your cards by using magnetic stripe plastic cards, ideal for creating credit cards, loyalty cards, identity/access control cards and more. We can supply a wide range of LoCo or HiCo magnetic stripe cards in various colours. They are ideal for ID Cards, Access Control as well as Loyalty and Membership Cards.

We also provide card printing with uniquely branded design as well as encoding services.

Lanyards, Holders, Retractable Reels & Clips

CCR Systems offers everything from pre-printed lanyards to plain and even custom printed lanyards which allow you to add an image, logo or text. Available in a wide range of fabrics, materials, colours and styles, we have every type for every occasion.

Trusted Brands

Take a look at some of the leading brands we work with.


We can support businesses of all sizes throughout the UK. No matter what sector on industry, we can advise you on the right EPOS solution for your business from Restaurants to Florists and everything in between. Our team of experts know what systems work.

We can help your business become faster, more effective, and ultimately more successful.

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