Understanding Portable POS Terminals

A portable POS system is made up of software and portable hardware that handles transactions in your store. It computes sales totals, processes payments, monitors inventory, and collects company data – just like a traditional EPOS system.

NCR Orderman EPOS System
NCR Orderman EPOS System

At CCR Systems, we recommend the Orderman line of portable POS systems, which have been designed specifically for use in the hospitality industry, makes taking orders at the table a delight.

Mobile handhelds are long-lasting and user-friendly equipment for hospitality professionals with up to 5-years of all-inclusive, hassle-free warranty because of their ergonomics, design, and durability.

According to NCR—the company that makes the Orderman line—they provide quicker, more dependable service as a given with our solutions designed specifically for the hospitality industry, and the end result is up to 25% higher revenue.

With its 25 years of experience, great durability, and dependable Orderman Secure Radio, Orderman7 is the key to success for any and all hospitality professionals.

Orderman7 and Orderman9, combined with an NCR Orderman POS system and useful accessories, are used by successful restaurateurs all around the world to achieve best business outcomes.

All Orderman products are specifically intended for the hospitality business, and they soon pay for themselves in terms of dependability and lifespan.

Every business is unique. With an portable POS, you can customise your home screen with shortcuts that speed up checkout. You can also expand your POS with loyalty, bookkeeping, and staff scheduling integrations too.

If you would like to know more about the Orderman range, please contact us directly.

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