Maximising Christmas Profits with EPOS Software

As we approach the bustling festive season, hospitality businesses must consider essential factors to enhance operations and maximise profits. Pubs, anticipated to be exceptionally busy and chosen as the preferred celebration venue by 60% of families, require meticulous preparation to accommodate the heightened footfall.

  1. Streamlining Stock Management with TouchStock: With beer leading as the favoured alcoholic beverage, a robust stock management system becomes essential. Utilise TouchStock, our cutting-edge solution, to ensure that your best-selling items, especially the festive-favourite beer, remain consistently available. Stay ahead of demand and ensure a seamless flow of holiday cheer.
  2. Efficient Order Management with PocketTouch and TouchKitchen: While there might be a slight decrease in the demand for meat-free options, customer tastes remain diverse and adventurous. PocketTouch comes to the rescue by facilitating concise orders and messages sent directly to the TouchKitchen digital display. This not only minimises errors but also guarantees a smooth and efficient dining experience that caters to the evolving preferences of your patrons.
  3. Leveraging the Influence of Social Media and Digital Signage: In an era defined by connectivity, social media and in-venue advertising are ever-increasingly being utilised as powerful tools to captivate and engage customers. Foster a robust social media presence, introduce visually appealing Digital Signage, and optimise SelfService kiosk screensavers. By doing so, your business gains access to multiple marketing channels, enabling you to achieve maximum capacity during the busy festive season.

As your dedicated provider of EPOS Systems and associated software, CCR Systems are here to help you with the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the busy festive season. Embrace these key factors, integrate our cutting-edge solutions, and ensure that your establishment not only weathers but thrives during this bustling time of year. Elevate your customer experience, streamline operations, and unlock the full potential of your hospitality business with our advanced EPOS Systems and software solutions.

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