Dojo Pocket Set to Transform Service Efficiency for Cafés, Pubs and Restaurants

CCR Systems, a leading supplier of Electronic Point of Sale Systems, is proud to announce the upcoming introduction of the Dojo Pocket, a ground-breaking solution set to redefine the dining experience for both customers and establishments. Scheduled for availability in early 2024, this innovative handheld device empowers servers to seamlessly take orders at the table, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As the cost of living rises, discerning Brits increasingly prioritise the overall dining experience, valuing memorable moments over cost savings. Recent data from Dojo reveals that 20% of Brits now appreciate the opportunity to visit bars and restaurants more than they did a year ago. Additionally, 25% actively seek venues that guarantee a great experience, emphasising the importance of creating memorable visits.

Key findings from the research highlight the significance of hospitality and speed in shaping the best diner experience. A whopping 84% of respondents believe that the right hospitality, characterized by fast, friendly, and efficient service, is essential in creating an optimal dining experience. Technology emerges as a vital tool, with 29% expressing a preference for paying at the moment of ordering, and 56% reporting an enhanced experience when receiving the bill promptly.

Take upfront payments right after an order with the Dojo Pocket handheld card machine. Avoid unwelcome walkouts and let customers leave when they’re ready.

Enter the Dojo Pocket, a compact card machine that fits seamlessly into a server’s apron or pocket, changing the game for both diners and establishments. This revolutionary device enables servers to input orders directly into the existing EPOS system from the convenience of the guest’s table. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility for customers to make upfront payments, streamlining the entire dining process.

Dojo Pocket not only saves valuable time for servers—up to four minutes per table—but also opens up new opportunities for upselling. With this innovation, establishments can focus on providing exceptional hospitality, turning tables faster and creating a memorable experience for their guests.

Jon Knott, Head of Consumer Insight at Dojo, expressed optimism about the positive impact of innovations like Dojo Pocket on the hospitality industry.

“It is encouraging to see that, despite tough times, Brits continue to seek and support both small and large hospitality businesses. Innovations like Dojo Pocket enhance the speed of service, allowing staff to focus on creating memorable experiences while turning tables faster.”

Keep payments simple. With a simple, secure virtual PIN pad, customers can pay without inserting their card – even for transactions over £100.

As part of its commitment to helping merchants thrive in the experience economy, Dojo views innovative technology, such as Dojo Pocket, and evolved processes, including next-day payments to merchants, as crucial advancements within the payments landscape.

The Dojo Pocket is poised to be a game-changer, providing a sleeker and more efficient dining experience for customers while empowering restaurants and bars to focus on what matters most—hospitality. Stay tuned for its official release in early 2024.

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