How to Choose an EPOS System for Your Restaurant

Restaurants have specific requirements for how they use an electronic point-of-sale system as a key ingredient for their daily operations. Make sure the restaurant EPOS system you choose has all of these features and more, from using it as a communication tool between front-of-house and back-of-house to splitting bills and accepting tips.

Restaurant EPOS systems are intended to improve the customer experience, streamline business operations, and assist you in making better data-driven decisions. Let’s explore some of the key things to consider.


Restaurant owners and managers work extremely long hours. Why not delegate some of the work to your EPOS system and add more hours to your week?

Employee Management

Create job-based permissions and accurately track hours and shift details. EPOS systems allow you to maintain employee accountability while they are on the clock.

Employee Management

Your system should be able to expand as far as your entrepreneurial spirit will allow. Using the same EPOS system across all locations, you can easily manage your business.

Payment Processing

As more customers prefer to pay with smart devices as well as credit or debit cards, ensure that your EPOS system includes processing at fair rates.

Table Management

Create a floor plan that is unique to your restaurant's layout so you know which tables are about to turn, and which have just been sat.

Inventory Controls

Inventory management is critical for restaurants. Unlike in the retail industry, restaurant inventory does not simply go out of style; it expires. Reduce product waste and food costs by tightening inventory controls.

Inventory Management

Keep track of the menu items and raw ingredients for each dish. Knowing what you have on hand, when it will expire, and when you will need to order more is essential.


Managing your suppliers does not have to be a half-baked process. Keep track of all vendors and purchase orders directly from your EPOS system when they're running low.

Reports & Analytics

A restaurant EPOS system should have all the analytics you need to make smart, data-driven decisions, from a bird’s-eye view to nitty-gritty detail.


Sales reports are the foundation of any business, providing an overview of all transactions over time.


Shift reports make it simple to keep track of critical shift details such as payouts, pay-ins, tips, and sales.


Restaurants have razor-thin profit margins. Use product reports to determine which menu items are underperforming and eliminate them.


Labour reports provide insight into how labour translates into sales and aid in keeping your labour cost percentage under control.

Menu Management

No two restaurant menus are alike, just like snowflakes. Make it simple for customers to tell you exactly what they want, from daily specials to unique modifiers and custom orders.

Online Booking

Many restaurants are seeing an increase in revenue from online reservations and even ordering.

Bill Management

With ease, manage the daily grind. With a few taps, you can take orders, split checks, and transfer tables.

Menu Modifiers

Reduce food waste by using detailed modifiers to input orders exactly how the customer wants them — no sauce, dairy-free or no pickles? No problem!


Remove the guesswork from sending starters, mains and desserts. Use coursing to keep your servers and chefs in sync throughout service.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is something that must be earned. Creating a memorable dining experience and exceptional dishes are only a part of the puzzle. Customers must feel valued in ways other than food.

Rewards Programme

Reward loyal customers to keep them returning for more often. To encourage repeat business, create special offers and incentives through a customer loyalty programme.

Gift Cards

Consumers spend 20% more than the value of the gift card on average, and restaurant gift cards are the most popular type of gift card to give.

Finding the right point of sale system for your company is all about knowing your business, knowing the features you need, and knowing the right questions to ask.

While a lot of companies follow the self-serve model when it comes to purchasing and setup of your point-of-sale system, other companies like CCR Systems provide you with the personalised service you deserve.

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