AURES launches EKO Android EPOS

CCR Systems, a trusted supplier of EPOS solutions to the retail and hospitality sector, is thrilled to share a significant announcement with our customers and followers. At the prestigious 2024 European POS and Retail Technologies Trade Show held in Düsseldorf, the leading POS systems manufacturer unveiled its latest innovation: the AURES EKO.


The AURES EKO marks a ground-breaking addition to the company’s line-up of point-of-sale terminals. This cutting-edge POS Android system is designed to be simple, reliable and remarkably affordable. Powered by an ARM (Advanced RISC* Machine) processor, the AURES EKO perfectly caters to the diverse needs of POS markets, ensuring seamless compatibility with Android requirements. With its GMS certification (Google Mobile Services), users can easily access the Google Play Store for essential applications.

This cost-effective POS system embodies the renowned AURES quality, featuring a sleek design and clean lines while prioritising energy efficiency. Engineered with a CPU optimised for mobile devices, the AURES EKO significantly reduces power consumption, aligning with modern sustainability standards.

“We are excited to bring this new, budget-friendly offering from AURES to our valued clients,” said a spokesperson from CCR Systems. “Stay tuned as we share more details about the device and its applications in the near future.”

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*Reduced Instruction Set Computer

About CCR Systems: CCR Systems, a subsidiary of Excel Connect Solutions Limited, is a leading supplier of EPOS solutions to the retail and hospitality sector. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, CCR Systems provides highly advanced technology tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in various industries.

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