RP-700 Thermal Receipt Printer

RP-700 Thermal Receipt Printer

£235.00£245.00 ex VAT

The Partner Tech RP-700 mini high-speed receipt printer is a sleek and effective solution for businesses in the retail and hospitality industries. This compact printer enables businesses to maintain a modern, tidy and professional image that impresses customers and stands out from the competition. It eliminates the issue of bulky, space-consuming printers as it’s designed to function either under or on top of the counter.

This versatile RP-700 printer supports both top and front paper loading, making it suitable for a wide range of counter designs. The Front printout mode shields the printer from dust and liquid spills, making it ideal for environments such as restaurants, bars, and kitchens. It offers triple-interface connectivity and optional Bluetooth for easy and seamless connections.

Technical Information

Partner Tech has created an innovative and user-friendly app exclusively for the RP-700. This app enables you to connect the printer to your Apple handheld devices via MFi SKUs and print images seamlessly. This straightforward app also guides you on how to link other Partner Tech printers to your Apple devices via MFi, allowing you to print files stored in the app.

The Partner Tech’s RP-700 is a sleek, compact solution to bulky printers. Designed to fit easily under or over your counter, it’s flexible for any setup. It offers both top and front paper loading options, making it ideal for a range of counter designs.

In front printout mode, it offers high protection against dust and liquid spills, making it perfect for busy environments like restaurants, bars and kitchens. Plus, its triple-interface connectivity and optional Bluetooth offer effortless connection. Say goodbye to clunky, space-consuming printers with the convenient RP-700.

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