RP-630 Thermal Receipt Printer

RP-630 Thermal Receipt Printer

£185.00 ex VAT

The Partner Tech RP-630 is a high-performance thermal receipt printer suitable for retail and hospitality settings. It stands out with its fast printing speed, customisable paper width and triple interface connectivity, which makes it perfect for various applications beyond just Electronic Point of Sale usage.

With optional features like a spill-proof cover and a power adapter cover, this printer can easily handle the challenges of environments such as restaurants, bars and kitchens, keeping it safe from dust and liquid spills. What’s more, the RP-630 is Energy Star certified, guaranteeing not just energy efficiency, but also eco-friendly operation.

Technical Information

This is an adjustable EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) thermal printer that is suitable for a variety of business needs. It offers adjustable paper width settings, allowing for the use of 58, 80 or 82.5mm paper. Its Energy Star qualification ensures energy efficiency, and the product has a paper-saving option that both reduces costs and waste, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

It can be mounted on the wall, making it ideal for use in kitchens and the hospitality sector. It supports both full and partial auto cutter for receipt issuing, simplifying your business transactions. It boasts high speed printing of up to 250mm per second for fast and efficient receipting. The triple interface as standard feature ensures that the printer can work with most terminals as it offers USB, RS232 & Ethernet connectivity.

Its compatibility with the ESC/POS standard protocol, as well as support for JAVAPOS, OPOS and Linux, makes this printer versatile for many POS system applications. It also comes with application and setup programs to assist in installation and usage.

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