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Orderman 5

Orderman 5

With the Orderman5, hospitality professionals have the chance to raise their game – to the premier league. When developing the Orderman5, we focused entirely on the features that every professional needs to work as efficiently as possible in a challenging hospitality environment.

Faster, more reliable service is a given with our hospitality-specific tools, and the result is up to 25% more sales. Featuring our reliable Orderman Secure Radio, high durability, intuitive operation and 25 years of experience, Orderman5 is the secret to success for any and every hospitality professional.

The Orderman5 is available in two versions:
Orderman5 – the basic model
Orderman5+ – with Bluetooth and NFC to connect to the belt printer

Durable construction
High-quality materials, clever design and the internal metal frame make the Orderman5 exceptionally durable and ensure a long service life in the demanding hospitality workplace. The unit is dust and water resistant.

Removable battery
The Orderman5 battery lasts up to 18 hours and can be changed in seconds at any time.

Touch Screen
The 5” HD screen is easy to read outdoors and can be operated either with a finger or with a stylus.

Freely configurable side buttons
Easily assign frequently used functions to the side buttons for quick access to them at any time.

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