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NCR Columbus 800

NCR Orderman Columbus 800

Columbus is one of the most popular POS terminal series in the industry.
Restaurant owners appreciate its extraordinary reliability,
the handsome, practical design, as well as the fan-less construction
and long service life.
Columbus800 is the latest incarnation of the Orderman virtues proven for over 25 years.

Alongside the integrated power supply, the innovative cable routing with CableLockTM
provides a clean workspace. All cables are organized neatly
mostly within the housing and out of sight.

NCR Orderman products are specially designed and built to meet the tough requirements
of the food and hospitality industry.
They are extraordinarily durable and reliable. The front is dust- and water-resistant.
It is easy to clean – only use a dry, soft cloth to wipe it down for a perfect result.

It can be wall mounted and can come with various sizes of rear display.

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