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Instant Loyalty

Instant Loyalty

Instant Loyalty

Instant Loyalty is an extremely powerful card based loyalty system designed for use with many POS systems including GPoS, Uniwell, Sharp & ICR Touch.

Instant Loyalty enables the smaller operator to compete on equal terms with the larger multiples by enabling them to operate a powerful card based loyalty system. Points redemption can either be real time at the point of sale terminal or can be via vouchers mailed directly to the customer. Over time, with every swipe of the card through the point of sale terminal, a profile of the customer’s spending is built up.

Details like frequency of visits, spending patterns, specific days of the week visits are made and total spend are recorded. From this information, specific promotions targeted at selected customers can be developed to increase their spending, encourage them to shop more often and to retain their loyalty.

This data can be further mined, analysed and used to develop sophisticated marketing programmes and promotions to make Instant Loyalty even more powerful. The drilldown capability allows you to select an individual customer from the Customer Details screen, drilldown to the items purchased by that customer, drilldown again to find the quantities, times and dates items were purchased and finally reveal a copy of the till receipt for that transaction.

Loyalty marketing can be used in a hundred different ways to generate extra turnover. Examples include: inviting selected customers to a new product launch, sending a customer a birthday voucher, sending your best customers a special offer voucher and sending lost customers a range of vouchers to encourage them to return. Staying in touch with your customers lets them know that you value them and that you are not simply taking them for granted.

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