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GPOS touch screen software is a versatile graphics based product compatible with most leading manufacturer ’ s touch screen hardware. Up to 400 layers of product and pricing information can be stored on the system including graphic images as well as descriptions. This graphical system drastically reduces the training time for operators and makes it virtually language independent. The product buttons are
infinitely variable in size enabling the system to be fully customised for each customer, giving unlimited functionality. On screen prompts and product information allows staff to “up sell” to customers. Back office
sales reports are a standard feature of G-POS’ s utility programming and setup module.

Table planning
Graphical representation of the restaurant with up to ten levels dramatically speeds up transaction times and ensures everything is billed correctly. The use of colour coding enables staff to easily view all tables at a glance, allowing them to see the current state of all transactions.

Loyalty cards
Loyalty can be implemented at three levels:-

Discount cards – offer a straight discount attached to
a card for privileged customers.

Simple loyalty points – allow customers to gain points based on their spending habits. Points can be redeemed as a part payment against future sales.

Integration with Fidelity’s Instant Loyalty – obtain flexibility when it comes to discounts and points whilst populating a true CRM back office package with live spending habits.

Comprehensive sales reports are available
on both the touch screens and also from
the back of fice programming utility. These
include the facility to sort by date range
together with a journal viewer.
Reports include:-
* Plu, main group and group sales
* Financial & Drawer totals
* Clerk & Open Clerk totals
* Tax totals
* Hourly, 1/2 hourly & 1/4 hourly totals.

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